Images by Eshe Mitchell

I recently caught up with the talented songstress Nia Soul at her home, a singer 

I recently caught up with the talented songstress Nia Soul at her home, a singer that’s recently killing the scene in the midlandz. We spoke about her sound and influences as a singer check below to find out more.


How did you start singing?

I’d say I started singing when I was 14, well that’s when I knew I could sing anyway and then professionally I started in my 20’s


Who were your main influencers growing up?

My main influence was probably my parents who were both very musical, my dad use to be in a band called Groundation in the 80s and the 90s, they were quite popular too.

Images by Eshe Mitchell



Favourite artist and why ?

Music wise I think I would say Aaliyah, Erykah adu, Jill Scott D’Angelo, and Omar, I cant say who my favourite artist is in particular because I would say they are who influence me and they are in my group of Fav's, I just think they are so sick at what they do.


Who would you love to collab with and why?

I would love to collab with Omar, if that would ever happen one day!


How would you describe your sound?

They type of music I do is soul and funk/ Hip Hop a bit of neo soul, house, Dub, everything really.




How important is your individual style?

Yeh, Individual style is really important to me, I feel like people should be able to dress how they want and express yourself through clothes, So yeh that’s very important to me and that’s what I try to do.

Through dress I don’t take it that serious, like I’m not that fussed about names or brands, its more what fits together nicely and how I feel on the day I suppose.


What do you love about your hair?

My hair is a transition between braids and natural hair, when I don’t have my hair in braid its normally out curly or I have it out in a fro.




You can find the latest sounds from Nia Soul's youtube channel and the latest from Nia's social media accounts @Niasouluk.