SABINNA RACHIMOVA showcased a spectacular presentation this season, one I personally enjoyed with a collection that was easy to connect to and emotionally drawing. SABBINA drew inspiration from her personal life and upbringing allowing us into her past; “Objective Memories” was the name of this season’s collection with collected items from her childhood being the muse of her inspiration such as jewellery and a letter from her grandmother.



Located this season at the Swiss Church, showed off her collection so well with a reflective catwalk/presentation with live models.


SABINNA has a high level of experience working in the fashion industry with the likes of Christian Dior and Mary Katranzou.


A number of prints and details can be seen through out the collection including SABINNAs signature Knitwear, crochet flowers and layered neck detailing. I really enjoyed the personal side of the collection and that a strong influence of this seasons look came from apart of who SABINNA is, I like the idea of your upbringing being able to shape your future unknowingly, this is what I took personally from the collection. A delicate pallet was used which gave an even more personal touch making it easier to connect with the designer. I loved the soft colours mixed with floral details including the flower buttons also found through out the collection.


After the collection was a unique chance to buy the collection first hand, you where able to have a personal look and feel the fabrics for your self. Here I was able to catch up with the designer and find out more about the detailed garments.


The after party carried the same sophisticated atmosphere as the presentation with a chance you network and learn about the designer. I was given a booklet on the designer with shots of this season collection and an interview with SABINNA her self and her team.

I’m really excited for SABINNA and her brand and I can’t wait to see what is next form the designer. Hopefully after learning more about her and the brand this year we will be able to see a different and unique side to her and her label. Either way the next season is highly anticipated.