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Paul Costelloe returns with another inspirational collection showcasing this season at the Waldorf Aldrich Hilton. Being one of my favourite designers you can imagine the excitement that was running through me, the long wait early on a Monday morning was more than worth it with a luxury setting and greeted with coffee and macaroons which, now to think of it, matched the colour palette of the collection, was more than enough to keep us going until the start of the show.


A strong use of volume in the silhouettes of the garments could be seen this season, with pastel colours, jumpsuits and long statement dresses. A variety of fabrics where used such as silk jacquard, appliquéd cotton, and an unusual use of latex, this gave the collection a more protective touch to the elegant silhouettes seen through out this season.


Female and male models accompanied each other with tailored looks, which showcased sharp, pastel two piece suites crafted out of summer weight wools and Irish linens. Oversized tote bags, Jessica’s

 Mini bags and collaboration with Sarah Angolds statement jewellery sealed off the spring looks perfectly.


Overall great elegance and class was shown through the venue, models and most importantly the collection. This season seemed to demonstrate a lighter side to Paul’s creative designs, with playful garments that go hand in hand with a confident and angelic attitude that was displayed down the catwalk.



Great things can only be expected for next season from the iconic designer, with years of experience and craftsmanship behind him and after building an international brand I’m eager to see what next season will bring.

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