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In todays society its easy to get lost in the trends, with countless sites providing the latest fashion trend to follow, YNKE is all about celebrating individuality and being unique. Creating clothes that have the ability to fit two moods, the confident character that demands attention on arrival in the room and the minimalistic stylish introvert. Giving the wearer functional clothing that has the ability to fit both attitudes whichever one you choose to start the day off with.

Founded by Eshe Mitchell, the brand stays influenced by her up bringing in the 90s and heritage embracing her British and Nigerian roots.  Recently finishing her degree in Fashion Design Eshe was selected to showcase her graduate collection “MIXED ME” at the Free Range Exhibit in London.

YNKE The platform

A platform that celebrates individuality and being unique through fashion and media.

“After having my child, dropping out of university and at a low point in life I wanted to create a space that celebrated what made people different and the qualities that made them who they where”

YNKE uses a variety of media to keep its audience informed and connected.

“ I had just left a course in media which was how I expressed myself creatively, whilst pregnant I kept practising on premiere pro and photography, that’s why there is such a strong influence of media through out my platform”

Using still, moving and audio to bring the best in new design talent, interviews, fashion industry events and street style.

“Over time after spending so long trying to gain access to the shows and get into fashion week, I started covering what people where wearing outside, now documenting street style has become the norm for my brand whilst covering industry fashion events. I get so excited seeing genuine stylish people who stand out and look different, that’s the excitement I want my clothing line to do for the person who is wearing it. I want people to stop you and ask you, Hey where did you get that Jacket? I also want my platform to provide that archive of street looks that’s missed in day-to-day life not just fashion week”

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